Adult Day Care

Seva Adult Care was formed out of a feeling of gratitude towards seniors. They have been through a lifetime of experiences and have shaped the world into what it is today. We empathize with the loneliness and suffering that most seniors go through everyday, especially in present day where opportunity is limited for social interaction amongst the senior citizen community

At Seva, we strive to free seniors from their adversities and bring the community together. Not only do we want to give back with genuine love and care, but we also want to promote wellness, healthiness, and happiness for all. Seva is a Sanskrit word that translates to “service with gratitude,” and that meaning is truly what Seva Adult Care works to provide everyday for all of our seniors.

Our Story

Our founder, Poonam Datta, had always dreamt of serving the seniors in her community, a vision that was deeply rooted within her since childhood. Her father had invariably preached, “Take blessings from seniors because you never know in what situation and at what time those blessings will help you.”

As she began her quest to volunteer with senior communities, she carried this strong vision with her to create a place where seniors could come, be cared for, and just be happy. She has seen first-hand how challenges in the senior citizen community have affected their health and happiness and is inspired to bring about change.

Poonam is a highly qualified professional with a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Tech. After working for multinational companies for 21 years, she decided to quit her corporate career to pursue her true dream. With a passion to serve, Poonam founded Seva Adult Care in January 2017.

Meet our team

Meet the team making sure your loved ones are happy and healthy. Our diverse team comes from a variety of backgrounds but share a common goal to create a nurturing environment for the seniors in our community.

Meet our team
Ashok Datta
Dipika Datta
Chinti Bali
Michelle Gordon-Walker